Apple unveils its M2 processor

Less than two years after the release of the M1 processor, Apple unveils the M2, its new generation. M2 continues to be engraved in 5 nm – with an improved process – like the M1 but it contains 20% more transistors (20 billion) (see also A16 and M2, a marketing development for Apple’s 2022 processors?) .

The unified memory is 50% faster than on the Apple M1: 100 Gbits and can manage up to 24 GB. We remain on 4 fast cores, 4 economical cores, all improved. The CPU is 18% faster than the M1.

The GPU goes up to 10 cores with a performance gain of 25% for a consumption equivalent to the M1, or 35% faster by agreeing to draw more on energy expenditure.

This M2 contains improvements for the secure enclave and for its neural engine which handles 40% more operations than on the M1. New engine also for encoding and decoding videos. There should be performance gains everywhere for the 13″ MacBook Air and MacBook Pro which are the first to adopt this M2.

A16 and M2, a marketing evolution for 2022 d processors

A16 and M2, a marketing evolution for Apple’s 2022 processors?


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