Apple trademarks realityOS

Apple has already registered the realityOS trademark, which designates the operating system that will equip its future mixed reality headset. This is Parker Ortolani who spotted the recording, which Apple as usual tried to do discreetly thanks to a front company. The trademark was registered in the United States on December 8, 2021 by a Delaware-based company called Realityo Systems at 1209 Orange Street in Wilmington. It is an address that Apple has used regularly for many years, for example to protect the names of the different versions of macOS.

The priority deadline for trademark protection abroad is set for June 9: this is three days after WWDC 2022. It is therefore rather tempting to deduce that a presentation of the system will take place next week. , although the famous helmet is not expected before the end of the year at the earliest and there have been rumors of a delay. Apple is already struggling to hide the existence of this project: we have already found traces of realityOS in the source code of the App Store.

Remember that Apple’s mixed reality headset should combine virtual reality with augmented reality thanks to multiple cameras, sensors and very high resolution screens. Rumors point to a particularly high-end model that could approach the $3,000 mark. The target audience would be less the general public than the developers, who could take over this new platform and prepare for the arrival of more affordable connected glasses in the coming years.

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