Apple: the iPhone 12 pro Max loses 100€

News good plan Apple: the iPhone 12 pro Max loses 100€

No, you don’t need to go broke with the latest iPhone 13. Indeed, the iPhone 12 is still an excellent choice with quite decent performance. Moreover, on Cdiscount, we find the Pro Max 256 GB model on sale.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is at a bargain price at Cdiscount

Released in 2020, the iPhone 12 Pro Max remains a smartphone of choice with its 6.7-inch OLED screen and it is equipped with ProMotion technology.

Buy the iPhone Pro Max on Cdiscount at 1279€ on Cdiscount

But what is ProMotion? ProMotion is what will allow your screen to refresh 60 times or even 120 times depending on your needs, which should allow you to achieve exceptional fluidity

In general, the biggest defect of Apple smartphones is the battery. But the iPhone 12 Pro Max can last a whole day without problem thanks to a 3687 mAh battery.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with a triple sensor camera for 100€ less

As on all iPhones in the Apple Pro range, this smartphone has a triple sensor camera with an ultra wide angle (f / 2.4), a rear optical zoom as well as a digital zoom.

Keep in mind that Apple has designed its iPhone Pro so that professionals can replace their high-end cameras with their smartphone.

Thus, the camera also offers more advanced features such as optical image stabilization, an optimized night mode, Deep Fusion, panoramic shooting up to 63 Mpx…

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has 256 GB, enough to store a large number of photos and videos. With a camera of this quality, 256 GB will allow you to indulge yourself.

It is also the 1st iPhone compatible with the 5G network, and it is offered to you today at the price of 1279€ instead of 1379€. 100€ promotion, we happened to have seen better on this model but the offer remains very interesting because it is rare to see Apple devices on promotion.

Buy the iPhone Pro Max on Cdiscount at 1279€ on Cdiscount

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