Apple thanks an employee who has contracted COVID-19 four times

A TikTok user claims to have seen his employment contract terminated by Apple after a rather chaotic journey with the apple company. According to her, the problems started after she started giving iPhone security tips to her subscribers. Today there are still more than five hundred thousand. Paris-Campbell, our protagonist today, is also an actress and regularly shares humorous videos. But one day the young woman ends up being infected with the coronavirus.

Apple, which has a security policy to avoid internal contamination, urges her to stay at home until the situation improves. But Campbell claims to have continued to contract the disease, three more times in total. This will then force her to remain locked up for several months. Ultimately, Apple will try to contact her to find out her condition, but with no news from the employee, he will notify her of her dismissal.

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But analyzing Campbell’s various profiles more seriously on social networks, we see that she makes the most incredible adventures her specialty. What’s more, the famous content that explained to internet users how to better protect their Apple mobile was actually nothing illegal. The manufacturer’s intellectual property rights do not seem to have been questioned in this case.

Paris Campbell on TikTok

On his side, Cupertino did not officially respond and a press release is unlikely to clear things up. But the company could very well have put an end to the collaboration with the designer if he no longer fulfilled his obligations. In addition, you should know that in the USA the law is much more flexible in this area: it is easier to get rid of an item than in France, especially if it no longer comes to the office and devotes itself to other activities.

This is not the first time that Apple has been singled out in this way.

Hard to know the end of the story, in short. But what is certain is that this news should not restore the image of Apple, where the disturbing departures are piling up. Whether it’s an ill-advised recruitment or a serious mistake, we bet Tim Cook’s company will be able to learn the necessary lessons from this bad publicity.

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