Apple releases Swift Playgrounds 4.1 on Mac and iPad

Five months after the release of version 4, Apple has just released Swift Playgrounds 4.1 on the Mac and iPad. This update brings many small new features including a major development: the ability to create applications on the Mac with SwiftUI provided that the Mac is under macOS 12.4 or later.

Here are the main new features of Swift Playgrounds 4.1 on the Mac:

• Ability to create apps for Mac with SwiftUI (requires macOS 12.4 or later);
• Walkthroughs teach you the basics of building apps with SwiftUI;
• The app preview directly displays the changes you make to your app;
• Apps created with Swift Playgrounds are run and installed in the Applications folder;
• App Store Connect integration allows you to upload your finished app to the App Store (requires an Apple Developer Program account);
• Built-in smart code suggestions let you write code quickly and accurately;
• Searching the entire project allows you to find results in several files;
• Fragment Library offers hundreds of SwiftUI commands, symbols, and colors;
• Support for Swift packages lets you include publicly available code to enhance your apps;
• App projects allow projects to be moved to Xcode and vice versa.

As usual, you’ll find Swift Playgrounds on the App Store. This new update comes a few weeks before WWDC 2022 and many developers are hoping that Apple will take advantage of its experience with Swift Playgrounds to announce the arrival of Xcode on iPadOS.

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