Apple releases AirPods Pro for Chinese New Year

Apple has just presented a limited edition of its AirPods Pro 2 in Chinese New Year colors. A case for iPhone 14 comes with them.

The New Year is fast approaching in the Western world, but also on the Chinese calendar. On the occasion of this particular event, Apple has decided to mark the occasion and offers a series of AirPods Pro specially designed for the occasion.

2023 is the year of the rabbit according to Asian tradition, and it is this little animal that makes its mark on the brand’s latest wireless headphones. This limited edition of the latest AirPods Pro will only be available in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

Apple and China: I love you too

Apple often organizes special events to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It must be said that the Middle Kingdom is one of the first markets of the company. Despite the bad relations between Beijing and Washington, Apple is trying to stay on good terms with the Chinese power and thus offer its products to hundreds of millions of people.

In addition to the limited edition AirPods Pro 2 in New Year’s colors, Apple is offering the brand’s Asian customers a special 1000 yen discount on selected products. In Europe, such a gesture would correspond to a price drop of €7.

This offer is only available in a few countries besides China and only applies to the iPhone 13 (and 13 mini) and the latest iPads and MacBook Air and Pro. Apple gallantly started the production of a new series of iPhone 14 covers around the Chinese New Year.

Increase sales with some details

Here too, production will be limited, and the products should be quickly sold by the apple brand. Apart from a few aesthetic details, this case or these new AirPods are technically the same products as those presented by Apple a few months ago.

The Apple brand often adds small physical nuances to its devices to boost sales. The Cupertino company has made a habit of presenting a new color in March for the latest iPhone. This simplistic strategy has a huge effect on sales in the weeks that follow.

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