Apple: noise and price reduction for Airpods Pro

News good plan Apple: noise and price reduction for Airpods Pro

AirPods are the best-selling headphones in the world, and there must be a reason. There are actually several of them, and even more in favor of the AirPods pro, equipped with the precious active noise reduction, in reduction at Rue du Commerce.

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Design, you know it well. We see them everywhere, and they play a major role in the rise of Apple.

Buy AirPods Pro for 192€ on Rue du Commerce

The AirPods range has evolved a lot since their arrival in 2019, and we are now in the third generation, equipped with interesting features. But what is still not available and only present on these AirPods Pro is active noise reduction.

Not sure if the term Pro is necessary for this kind of function, but the fact is that it is life changing. This technology cancels ambient noise by plugging the holes with the rubber at the end of the ear cups, and by emitting reverse waves with disruptive sound picked up through a series of microphones.

Thereby, no more annoying noises around you and no more need to turn up the volume very loudly and break your ears to finally hear a hint of bass in your eardrums.

AirPods Pro under €200 on Rue du Commerce

The downside of the Pro compared to the recently released AirPods 3 is autonomy. It’s a bit lower and if that’s your number one criteria, you know what to do. But otherwise, noise reduction is a feature not to be overlooked, especially if you spend a lot of time in transport. Feel free to try it out with your friends’ AirPods Pro if you can.

Something important to note is that this model is compatible with wireless charging, which was not the case when the headphones came out. So you can put the case on any induction base and your earphones and the box recharge.

So yes, Apple earphones tend to hold their price for a long time, which is a resale advantage. But right now on Rue du Commerce, the AirPods Pro finally go below 200€, going down to 192€ with the wireless charging case.

Buy AirPods Pro for 192€ on Rue du Commerce

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