Apple Music puts the dishes in the big ones for the 25th anniversary of “OK Computer”

Twenty-five years ago, “OK Computer” was released, the definitive Radiohead album that was to become the soundtrack of the era. The occasion was too good for Apple Music, which powers the new section Birthday Essentials of the streaming service, rolled out a few weeks ago. She proposes to return to the great albums of recent years on the occasion of a special anniversary.

It is therefore the magnus opus of the British group led by Thom Yorke who is featured. Apple Music subscribers will of course find the cake in question and video clips there, as well as a special one-hour episode hosted by DJ Matt Wilkinson, who tells the backstage of “OK Computer” and interviews people involved in the production of the album. It’s very easy to listen to, even if it’s all in English.

The section also lists a large number of albums so we celebrate 5, 10, 15 years, and up to 65 years. We recently saw spotlights on “Buena Vista Social Club”, also released 25 years ago, and “Comme Away With Me” by North Jones (20 years old 😅). What to take a good big shot of old.


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