Apple Music is now available on Roku devices

Apple Music is now available on a new medium, namely Roku devices. The company says the availability is worldwide, starting today.

Apple Music now on Roku devices

The new support for Apple Music concerns multimedia boxes, connected televisions and even sound bars. It is however good to note that Roku does not even have the same availability all over the world. The brand mainly focuses on the United States. In France, for example, there are only Roku Express and Premiere multimedia boxes.

Those who already have an account on Apple’s music streaming service can use their credentials to log in. It is possible to listen to the catalog of 90 million songs, access the playlists, as well as watch the video clips in 4K (when they are available), have the lyrics or even be able to take a look at the few concerts available.

For people who do not have an account, it is possible to register from the Roku channel and have a free month. After that, the price will be 9.99€/month (as it is on other devices).

Apple Music is available on Roku devices and multiple carriers. Over the months, the service has arrived on the PlayStation 5, connected televisions from Samsung and LG, the Amazon Echo and even the Google Nest.

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