Apple Music and Apple Arcade: $8 billion in revenue by 2025

Revenues will continue to climb for Apple Music and Apple Arcade, to the point of reaching $8 billion by 2025 according to analysis by JP Morgan bank, as reported by Reuters.

Apple Music and Apple Arcade are expected to have 180 million users by 2025, with 110 million for the music streaming service and 70 million for the gaming platform. This will make it possible to have 8.2 billion dollars in total revenue, an increase of 36%.

The service that would account for the biggest share is expected to be Apple Music with $7 billion alone. Apple Arcade would thus represent 1.2 billion dollars. The fact that there are more people and the price is more important naturally helps. The streaming service costs €9.99/month for the standard offer, €14.99/month for the family offer and €4.99/month for the student offer, where the game service is billed 4 €.99/month for everyone.

Last quarter, Apple reported that its services recorded revenue of $19.82 billion. This includes Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV +, iCloud storage or the App Store. The whole represents the second source of income for Apple, the first being the iPhone (with 50.57 billion dollars in the previous quarter).

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