Apple loses this amazing lawsuit, the firm expects the worst

We learned that very recently, Apple had lost a rather surprising lawsuit which could, in the long term, end up costing it dearly. The case was indeed held in Brazil and so far concerned only one consumer. The problem for the Apple firm is that thousands (millions?) of other brand users could potentially turn against it as well.

Apple in turmoil

Big companies are used to it : Rarely does a year go by without them being involved in any legal matters, ranging from legal duels with a competitor, to consumer complaints. Apple is used to it and was also at the heart of a big controversy with Epic Games a few months ago. On several occasions, the company co-founded by Steve Jobs has also been condemned, and this was particularly the case last year.

Apple had to pay several million euros to Brazil last year and in early 2022, following the removal of power adapters from its packaging. And it is precisely this precise point which could still cost him dearly, following a consumer’s victory in a recent lawsuit.

A conviction that could lead to others

At the end of 2020, Apple announced that the AC adapter would now be sold separately from these iPhones, all for ecological purposes. A justification that had not frankly convinced everyone, but which had still been generally accepted. But if this change makes it possible to save money, materials or carbon, in Brazil, the consumer protection agency of São Paulo considers that this is a non-compliance with the law in force in the country.

According to the judge handling the case, It’s about a “abusive and illegal commercial practice, undermining the provisions of the Consumer Protection Code. The CDC aims to protect the weaker party in the contractual relationship, guaranteeing it against abusive practices”. And if in the end, Apple is only condemned to pay around 1,080 euros, a derisory sum for it, it is what worries it. In effect, this condemnation now creates a precedent that could encourage many other consumers to file a complaint as well.

In the end, it will end up being expensive for Apple, which has not yet communicated on the following events: will the mains adapters be included again in the iPhone packs intended for Brazil, or will the firm be deprived of a large potential market? Case to follow.

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