Apple is reviewing the pricing policy for its App Store from start to finish

Apple has decided to respond to some of the increasingly common criticism from mobile app makers by adding around 700 new billing options for iPhone or iPad users. In total, a programmer who decides to sell his application in the Apple App Store, or who wants to integrate paid content on board his application, will have the choice of 900 different ways to do so.

This can suit developers as many of them want to not only monetize their applications but also earn recurring revenue from them coming back from one month or year to the next. Apple therefore revised its model to better incorporate monthly pricing and more flexible annual pricing to make longer-term subscriptions more attractive to consumers.

This new App Store may appeal less to consumers, as Apple just seems to prefer the subscription-based sales model rather than simply selling an app at a single price.

The catch with subscription sales is that you as a consumer have to be careful not to keep accumulating them because they don’t expire automatically.

Moreover, Apple has indicated that its new pricing structure will only be integrated in the coming days in applications that operate on a subscription model. The other types of applications will only see their pricing structure updated next spring.

A small drawback in this era of high inflation: the base price of applications sold in the Apple App Store does not change and remains fixed at $0.99…

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