Apple is always looking for new sports content to stream

Despite months of discussions, Apple reportedly walked away from the negotiating table with the NFL to acquire the broadcast rights to NFL Sunday Ticket.

No American Football on Apple TV+?

While she was considered the favorite in this class, Apple would have backed outnot to see not logic to pay between $2.5 billion and $3 billion to broadcast Sunday night games. It wouldn’t actually share the same expectations as the NFL.

In advance, Cupertino would have been cooled certain restrictions in the agreement, such as the impossibility of broadcasting matches internationally. In fact, for the purpose of development, it would have had the project to include NFL Sunday Ticket in their Apple TV + subscription, at no extra cost. The NFL, for its part, wants an additional minimum subscription so as not to compete with its existing broadcast deals with CBS and Fox.

A burgeoning horizon for Amazon and YouTube

Still, the way is clear for Amazon or YouTube, or even to a lesser extent ESPN, to recapture this huge market.. Amazon Prime Vido is already streaming Thursday night football, while YouTube offers many sports disciplines. It remains to be seen how much each will be ready to invest to regain these rights and whether the said 2.5/3 billion is still valid.

Sports remains a priority for Apple. This summer, she had been interested in the college sports-oriented Big Ten Conference. But this is a small segment, with spectators especially across the Atlantic. This brings together fourteen universities in the Midwest of the United States – covers eighteen sports disciplines : American football, soccer, baseball, golf, field or ice hockey, gymnastics, tennis.

Meanwhile, Apple has already signed contracts with Major League Baseball (MLB) and Friday Night Baseball (two games every Friday) as well as Major League Soccer, for which it has the rights for the next 10 years (2023 -2033). And then given Tim Cook’s last tweet, we could hope for football broadcasts!

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