Apple: iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 2 are now obsolete!

For this May 3, Apple takes the opportunity to clean up its catalogs. Thus, it has just downgraded the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 2 and added the latter to its list of obsolete products..

Released in October 2014, iPad Air 2 was the first iPad Air to feature a Touch ID sensor. It featured an A8X and had a laminated display, which made it noticeably thinner than the very first iPad Air. Launched in November 2013, iPad mini 2 featured a Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536, an A7 processor and an M7 originally introduced with the iPhone 5s.

Remember that Apple regularly updates this page as time goes by. After 5 years, the products are vintage. Once products cross the fateful seven-year mark, they are considered obsolete. These models may still benefit from after-sales service, within the limits of available parts. This service will be effective both in Apple Stores and authorized service providers.

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