Apple: iOS 16 will be more inclusive

Apple is taking a step closer to inclusiveness. During the presentation of the brand new iOS 16 highlighted at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 6, the Apple brand distinguished itself with a new parameter: the possibility of choosing genres other than the traditional ones. “masculine” and “feminine”, relays BFM TV. In this version, which will be deployed next fall, Apple allows you to choose a “neutral” gender or not to choose a gender, if you go to the “Form of address” menu. For example, if you choose this mode without gender, the traditional “you are connected” will be transformed into “the connection is established”.

If the key word for 2022 remains personalization with this new iOS, other improvements have been presented, report our colleagues. Among them, the improvement of the interface of the locked screen, indicates PhonAndroid, such as the possibility of adding widgets, changing the color of the hour or its typography. The “Always-On Display” function could also make its appearance, but only on the new iPhone 14 Pro models.

gender-neutral voice

As for messaging, small new features will also see the light of day, with the possibility of modifying iMessages. It will also be possible to cancel the sending of a message even if its recipient has received it, specify our colleagues. The iPhone will update some of the security patches in the background, with no inconvenience to the user. Finally, several Apple applications will experience improvements such as Maps, Apple Pay (split or staggered payments) and a less cluttered photo gallery. As for inclusivity, Apple is not at its first attempt, recalls BFM TV. Non-binary emojis have been around since 2019, and a Spanish version of iOS 15 had integrated the midpoint of inclusive writing into the iPhone’s virtual keyboard. Finally, in the American version of IOS, a non-gendered voice will emerge for Siri.

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