Apple has just acquired the rights to a new Formula 1 film that will produce Top Gun 2 director, actor Brad Pitt and a certain Lewis Hamilton

Apple has officially acquired the rights to produce a Formula 1 film directed by Joseph Kosinski (“Top Gun: Maverick”). Brad Pitt will have the main role, and the feature film will have the luxury of receiving advice from Lewis Hamilton in person.

F1 fans are already salivating. Joseph Kosinsky, currently starring in “Top Gun: Maverick”, is going to make a film for Apple in which Brad Pitt will play the main role, that of a former pilot who will train a beginner.

The production of this film, whose budget would be around 140 million dollars, does not intend to do things by halves, since the seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton himself will provide advice behind the camera.

Note that among the producers are Jerry Bruckheimer, who notably produced “Days of Thunder”, a film about NASCAR released in 1990.

This feature film will initially be broadcast in dark rooms for a maximum of 60 days, is it announced in The Hollywood Reporter which specifies that it will then be offered on Apple TV +.

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