Apple, Google and Mozilla are working together on a tool for measuring web performance

Three of the major web browser developers, namely Google, Mozilla and Apple, will pool their resources to develop a benchmark tool.

Who is the fastest? In the web browser world, the question is crucial because it often helps recruit new users! But to be sure, you still need the right tools to objectively measure this speed. Apple, the creator of Safari and the lead developer of the WebKit rendering engine, together with Google (Chrome and its Blink rendering engine) and Mozilla (Firefox and its SpiderMonkey engine) have decided to join forces to develop version 3 of Speedometer.

Mozilla join the dance

Speedometer is a benchmark developed mainly by Apple. Version 2, which dates back to 2018, incorporated contributions from Google. Mozilla is therefore embarking on this train to help design the next version! The foundation welcomes this, explaining that historically these tools have not done a very good job of attracting attention.

But unlike other benchmarks, Speedomoter 3 is an industry collaboration, Mozilla adds. ” Barley [cet outil] will be hard work, but the collaboration will give us a chance to develop the best possible version that will make the web faster for years to come “.

Google, Apple and Mozilla have agreed to introduce common rules to prevent a participant from trying to favor its own browser to the detriment of others. Major changes must therefore be approved by everyone, and the consent of at least two participants must be obtained to implement minor changes.

The result of this joint work will not be visible for a while, so it is recommended to use Speedometer 2.1, the latest stable version.

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