Apple Fitness+ studios revealed on video

After the first images published in Men’s Health last year the Apple Fitness+ recording studios showed up again but this time through the YouTube channel iJustine. We discover premises installed at santa monicaa coastal city west of Los Angeles particularly popular for its iconic beaches appearing on the screen of many films.

On site, what is probably the most impressive is the imposing room that serves as a control center for the filming. The technicians direct the image there with a multitude of video streams at their disposal; it is also unsurprisingly recognized Apple brand machines. A setting reminiscent of that of the biggest television channels, which the Cupertino films can claim to compete with without exaggerating.

Real stars on display

Among the “coaches” recruited by Apple for Fitness+, we find in particular Jay Blahnik. If this name does not mean anything to you, know that it is about a respected consultant intervening in particular for the Los Angeles Times and MSNBC. Now vice-president of the fitness department of the Apple, he justifies his rapid development strategy there by different needs according to each profile: not everyone is attracted by the same courses, which requires creating new ones. new regularly.

Activity sessions are also offered with Jessica Skye, another trainer sharing her life between London and California. Having also been able to speak with iJustine during an interview, the yogi and DJ wears an Apple Watch, a highly recommended tool for measuring the evolution of her daily results. It costs 429 euros to afford the most advanced model (with heart rate sensor and blood oximeter), namely the Series 7.

Price and compatibility

With already eleven different types of exercises including strengthening, guided meditation or split training, Apple Fitness+ is available for 9.99 euros per month in France. You can, however, lower the bill by opting for a combination with other services like Apple Arcade or Apple Music via Apple One offers.

To use Fitness+, Apple recommends an iPhone 6s or later withiOS 14.3 at least. For the watch, it will be an Apple Watch Series 3 or newer with at least watchOS 7.2. – Official App

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