Apple, Facebook, Google: here’s how much Big Tech pays their employees

The Wall Street Journal analyzed the salaries paid to employees of the 500 largest publicly traded companies in the United States (S&P 500). We discover in this study that Apple increased the salaries of its employees by 18% between 2020 and 2021, but that other tech giants offer much higher levels of remuneration.

$62,254 is the median annual salary at Apple in 2021. To fully understand this figure, it is important to distinguish between a median and an average. Indeed, the average salary would be less relevant here, the best paid people within the company would draw the result obtained upwards. The median salary is fairer, since it is in the exact middle. Understand that he has as many wages above him as below. What offer a more realistic, although imperfect, representation of income.

At Apple, these figures are also to be put into perspective, insofar as they include the salaries of people working in Apple stores, the lowest paid, and those present in the companies of the group, better paid. In 2021, Apple had approximately 154,000 employees worldwide. The presence of these giants all over the world, with great differences in living standards, also influences these figures.

Google and Facebook paid the biggest salaries in 2021

With a median salary of 295,884 dollars per year, up 8% in one year, Alphabet (Google) is first in the ranking, followed by loan by Facebook and its annual 292,785 dollars, up 11% over the same period. . Increases that do not only concern “Big Tech”, insofar as 258 companies of the 453 analyzed increased their median salary between 2020 and 2021.

With a booming economy and a tight job market, median earnings rose last year for most S&P 500 companies, according to analysis by the wall street journal.

2021 has been an exceptional year for technology companies and for the S&P 500 in general, which has broken records over this period. But giants like Google today have to deal with the demands of their employees who join together in unions to assert their rights, or play the full competition.

Same observation at Amazon, where employees regularly denounce their working conditions. Apple is not to be outdone after being accused, most recently, of having taken illegal anti-union measures.

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