Apple, Facebook, Amazon etc. digital values ​​fall or plunge on the stock market

Apple, Amazon, Facebook



The Nasdaq the American index of technological stocks supports its sixth consecutive weekly decline

The social network Snapchat saw its share price drop 35% on May 24. Even solid giants are penalized by investors underlines Le Monde

Since the beginning of the year, the title Meta (Facebook, Instagram…) has lost more than 40%, that of Amazon more than 30%… Symbol: on May 11, Apple lost its crown of first world capitalization in favor of oil tanker Saudi Aramco.

“To justify these stock market setbacks, analysts and managers put forward multiple causes: the war in Ukraine, the Covid crisis, an unfavorable macroeconomic environment with the return of inflation and the rise in rates, the shortage of electronic components… adds Le World.”

“This backward movement can also be assimilated to a form of return to normal after a period of euphoria”.

“However, the changing economic climate is already pushing companies to take certain measures. “Unfortunately, we are parting ways with one hundred and fifty employees today,” Netflix announced on May 17,


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