Apple explains why Stage Manager is only available on iPad M1s

What is the M1 chip used for in the iPad Air and iPad Pro? The question has not ceased to arise in all directions, while the Ax chips are already powerful enough to support the most demanding features of iPadOS. But Stage Manager is Again more delicious!

If iPadOS 16’s new window management system requires an M1 chip — even though it works fine on infinitely less powerful Intel Macs — it needs a swap of memory. As Apple explained to the site DigitalTrendsStage Manager takes full advantage of this possibility.

The Virtual Memory Swap of the M1 chip converts storage space into RAM. Knowing that each application can require up to 16 GB of RAM, and that Stage Manager can display up to 8 apps simultaneously, it is essential to have enough under the pedal… which only the SoC M1 can offer.

Too bad for the less recent iPads which see a function with great potential escaping them. They will also have to make do with the minimum support for external monitors, ie a not very useful video copy, Stage Manager allowing them to display and manage a second set of apps on a second screen.

Preview of Stage Manager on macOS Ventura: a new way to

Preview of Stage Manager on macOS Ventura: a new way to organize your windows


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