Apple explains (again) why Stage Manager is reserved for iPad M1

Apple again tried to explain why the new Stage Manager window manager was limited to compatibility with iPads equipped with an M1 chip (a very small minority of tablets currently in use). In a statement shared by Rene Ritchie, the manufacturer indicates that the experiment requires a lot of RAM, storage ” incredibly fast » and flexible I/O outputs.

All this is only available with the M1 chip. Internship Manager is “ a completely integrated experience that’s incredibly fast and responsive, and allows users to run 8 apps simultaneously on the iPad and an external display with up to 6K resolution “adds Apple.

The Virtual Memory Swap, which offers the most demanding applications the possibility of using up to 16 GB of RAM, is therefore not sufficient, which was the first explanation given by the manufacturer.

Apple explains why Stage Manager is only available on iPad M1s

In addition to the swap, a function that converts the available storage into RAM, Stage Manager requires fast storage: that of the iPad Pro M1 is thus twice as fast as on the previous generation. Despite its A14 chip, the 4th generation iPad Air with 256 GB of storage is compatible with Virtual Memory Swap, but not with Stage Manager.


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