Apple employees find that their vision of the future of work is increasingly diverging from that of the management team

A group of Apple employees calling themselves Apple Together published an anonymous and open letter to the management of the Cupertino company asking it to change its policy of returning to the office at least three days a week.

In a memo to staff last March, Apple CEO Tim Cook asked his employees to gradually return to the office: at least one day a week from April 11, then two days a week. week from May 2, and finally at least three days – Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays – from May 23.

Members of the Apple Together group, after expressing their devotion to a company they and they “dreamed of joining one day”declare that their “vision of the future of work is increasingly diverging from that of the management team”.

“Working in the office is a technology of the last century, before the ubiquity of an internet capable of making video calls and the fact that everyone was on the same internal chat application”exposes the letter. “But the future is connecting when it makes sense, with people who have a relevant contribution, wherever they are. We are now asking you, the leadership team, to show a little flexibility and let go of the rigid policies of the hybrid working pilot project. Stop trying to control how often you can see us in the office”continues the group. “Trust us, we know how each of our small contributions makes Apple successful and what it takes to make it happen. »

“We clearly have in mind the benefits of face-to-face collaboration, the kind of creative process that enables ‘high-speed’ communication between people in the same room, without being limited by technology”recalls the group. “But for a lot of us, it’s not something we need every week, or even every month, and certainly not every day.”

Apple Together specifies how management’s current return-to-work policy will be to the detriment of the least privileged employees: to be able to return to work on site, you must “Being born in the right place so you don’t have to move”, “being young enough to start a new life in a new city or country” Where “having a stay-at-home spouse who will move with you”, can we read in the letter. This will promote a workforce “younger, whiter and more masculine”.

And the group concludes its letter by quoting the late Steve Jobs: “It makes no sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do. We hire smart people to tell us what to do. »

Apple Together has also created a Twitter account and a web page where it shows its solidarity with the AppleToo group against discrimination and harassment at work.

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