Apple doesn’t plan to release a folding product until 2025

Apple plans to launch a new version of its iPad mini, the last of its kind before a new product arrives.

Apple brand analyst Ming-hi Kuo has just given his latest predictions. According to its sources, Apple does not plan to release a foldable iPad until 2025. This period should allow the Cupertino company to release a new version of the iPad Mini, the 7th. The tablet should see the light of day during the year 2023 or at the latest in 2024.

According to him, the arrival of a folding iPad could happen in 2025. The device will be offered as a top of the range, which will allow Apple to sell more than with an entry-level iPad mini. As early as 2021, Ming-Chi Kuo already announced that Apple would launch a foldable iPad in the next few years.

iPad Fold: not until 2025?

Apple has been working on foldable product technology for years. On the competition side, this feature is slowly rolling out. With already four generations of products offered by Samsung, flip phones are starting to make their mark. Apple has not jumped on this news and has not yet offered any folding product in its range.

The arrival of a “Fold” iPad in 2025 could therefore mark a small revolution in the range of Apple products. The Cupertino company is surely waiting to see if the technology manages to develop and reach the general public. Meanwhile, the iPad Mini 7, scheduled for late 2023, should make its arrival.

iPad mini 7: the last of a generation?

In his series of messages on Twitter, Ming-Chi Kuo specifies that the device will have the right to “a new processor as the main selling point“. If the M1 and M2 chips are already used in the iPad Pro, the Apple brand may keep an A-series core in its next small-format tablet.

With the A16 chip released this year on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the Cupertino company has the preferred technology for its iPad Mini 7. In terms of the exterior design, Ming-Chi Kuo does not expect major changes. The shapes should be the same as in 2021 and the iPad Mini 6 released in 2021.

Despite the low sales figures for the iPad Mini, which represents only 7% of iPads currently in circulation, the tablet will be renewed by Apple. The development of folding smartphones is killing the market for small tablets, even Apple will have to adapt to this new standard to survive.

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