Apple Design Awards: the apps and games of 2022 according to Apple

The day was busy yesterday, between the inaugural WWDC keynote, the Platforms State of the Union and a few minutes ago the Apple Design Awards! Each year, the manufacturer salutes a selection of particularly well-made applications, which excel in one of the six categories determined by Apple.

In the “inclusiveness” category, the design app Procreate and the game Wylde Flowers won the timpani. (Not Boring) Habits, a kind of “gamified” task management and Overboard game! leave with the palm of the fun app. In the “interaction” category, the A Musical Story game and the Slopes ski GPS app are the winners.

In the social impact category, the Rebel Girls app and the game Gibbon: Beyond the Trees are the two winners. To be amazed, we will turn to the Halide photo app or Lego Star Wars: Castaways. Finally, Apple rewarded Marvel Future Revolution and Odio as innovative apps.


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