Apple CarPlay and Android Auto now available in Tesla

While Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are inaccessible on Tesla, a Polish developer offers access to them through a trick.

Tesla cars are known for many reasons, one of which is their infotainment features. Navigation, video games, music, films and the like, the Austin firm’s system seems to have no limits. For this reason, the manufacturer only relies on its system. Installing Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is therefore impossible

or almost. Because a “pirate” developer has indeed managed to circumvent the system. Six months after finding a way to access Apple CarPlay in Tesla, Michał Gapinski, that’s his name, is now offering an alpha version of “Tesla Android”. The name says it all about its function.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on Tesla, within everyone’s reach?

Access to these two entities, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, is therefore available and open to as many people as possible. If you want to try, it’s a bit technical though. You must first go to GitHub (a software development company).

Then, you need nanocomputers such as Raspberry Pi 4 (running custom firmware on Android) and Raspberry 3 (under Linux). An LTE modem, a micro-HDMI cable, an Ethernet cable and a Wi-Fi access point are added to the list. After a setup process, Tesla’s built-in web browser connects to the Pi’s Wi-Fi and access the Android interface.

Once connected, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available. Attention, the developer reminds however that it is only of an alpha version. Bugs are possible.

Speaking of bugs, Tesla’s infotainment system led to a recall of nearly 130,000 vehicles this month. In question, overheating of a chip, leading to a slowdown or restarts of the latter. Various 2021 and 2022 models were affected. Fortunately, the repair was carried out in the form of updatelike a phone app.

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