Apple CarPlay ‘alternative’ solution for Teslas now available for download

Today’s vehicles have very comprehensive infotainment systems. However, brands like Google or Apple want to extend their services from smartphones to cars. Apple CarPlay is one of those systems that Tesla still doesn’t offer in its electric cars. However, it is possible to overcome this native lack of cars with an alternative solution that uses a Raspberry Pi connected to the vehicle.

Tesla car users have already repeatedly expressed their desire for Apple and Google systems. Elon Musk still hasn’t made his bids. But… there are other ways!

Use a Rasberry Pi and Android to have Apple CarPlay on Tesla

Faced with Tesla’s apparent indifference to repeated requests to bring ‌CarPlay‌ to its cars, Polish programmer Michał Gapiński demonstrated his success by bringing Apple’s entertainment system to his Tesla Model 3 earlier this year, as we we showed it.

As reported by the Tesla North website, after six months of work, Gapiński has released the first publicly available alpha version of “Tesla Android” on Github for others to download and try.

The job is to use a Rasberry Pi with an LTE modem and Wi-Fi access point, running custom Android-based firmware, along with a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable and an Ethernet cable. As a YouTube video shows, the car’s navigator is used to connect to the Rasberry Pi and bring up the CarPlay interface on the Tesla’s screen, where Apple apps, including Maps and Apple Music, work as expected.

The system works while driving and can also be controlled using the Tesla’s steering wheel media buttons.

Gapiński says the main focus of the last alpha release was usability.

For the project to scale and become popular in the Tesla community, it needs to provide a responsive Android experience. Otherwise, people won’t use it.

Right now, the focus is starting to shift towards better integration and simplification. No longer requiring two cards will help reduce both the cost and the barrier to entry, reducing the installation guide to something that can be done in minutes.

Said the Polish programmer on his Tesla Android Project website.

Despite the preponderance of CarPlay in many other electric cars, Tesla does not offer official support.

Evidence in 2020 that Tesla was planning to support Apple Music never materialized, and Tesla’s CEO appears unresponsive to requests on Twitter for the company to bring CarPlay to its vehicles, although he does. is one of the most requested features by Apple owners. .

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