Apple and Google are up against Australian antitrust bill

Apple has just formally expressed “serious reservations” against a project to reform application stores in Australia, while at the same time, Google asserts that these same measures could cause “unintentional damage”. After a long investigation, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission found that the App Store and Play Store did not comply with antitrust rules in force in Australia, and that these stores should therefore comply with a new series of regulatory reforms.

Apple’s answer is unambiguous:[Certaines] reforms seek to address hypothetical (rather than existing) issues with conduct attributable to Apple. The real market-level consequences that will result from the proposed “reforms” targeting Apple, if implemented in the form proposed, would cause dynamic companies like Apple to scale back their innovations and the development of new and differentiated products…”

Even more cash, Apple believes that the proposed measures “would ultimately only benefit a handful of powerful developers whose primary goal is to remove protections [de l’App Store] for consumers”. Same story on the side of Google, which considers the ACCC’s grievances purely hypothetical and speculative. As a reminder, Epic Games is one of the companies behind this investigation by the Australian regulator. The creator of Fortnite rejoices in that should result in “a more open ecosystem, which gives consumers and developers more choice and more value. »

Note that Microsoft has joined Epic’s complaint this time, explaining that the current rules for mobile application stores prevent “either to offer mobile users competitive streaming and cloud gaming applications, or would limit services such as the use of other in-app purchase payment processing systems”. The Australian regulator’s recommendations are expected to be forwarded to the government at the end of September 2022.

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