Apple AirPods compete with these mini-price headphones on Amazon

Practical, Bluetooth headphones are increasingly used on a daily basis. In transport, they will allow you to listen to your music discreetly. At the gym or on the street, you can move around without being hindered by the cable of your earphones. Popular with consumers whether or not they have an iPhone, Apple AirPods come with a certain cost that may not fit your budget. Fortunately, there are cheaper alternatives that also offer quality sound reproduction. On Amazon, you will find in particular two models of wireless headphones on sale designed by Yobola and JBL.

Bluetooth headphones under $30

Yobola wireless headphones have the Bluetooth 5.1 connection system. Their white charging case can carry up to 20 hours of charge which will be added to the 5 hours contained in each earbud. Water resistant according to the IPX5 standard, these headphones can accompany you to the gym. On Amazon, you will find Yobolas for only 29.99 euros. Until August 31, a 20% coupon can also be applied to your purchase.

Find out here the offer on Yobola headphones at 29€99 instead of 35€99

JBL sound quality in wireless headphones at -50%

The JBL Live Pro+ TWS are equipped with an adaptive noise reduction system. On this model, each headset is capable of providing you with 7 hours of listening time. Store up to 21 hours of extra battery life using the charging case. Feel free to experiment with the five sizes of tips included to find the ones that suit you. At the moment, the pair of JBL Live Pro+ TWS is available at half price, or only 89.99 euros, on Amazon.

Find out here the offer on JBL headphones at 89€99 instead of 179€

Apple AirPods still on sale on Amazon

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for among these AirPods alternatives, you can also find Apple’s wireless headphones on sale on Amazon. Count around 119 euros to get a pair of 2nd generation AirPods. You can also treat yourself to the AirPods Pro or the 3rd generation AirPods.

Find out here the offer on the AirPods 2 at 119€

Find out here the offer on the AirPods 3 at 175€

Find out here the offer on the AirPods Pro at 213€

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