Apple acknowledges the seriousness of HomeKit bugs with iOS 16.2

A few weeks ago, Apple brought iOS 16.2 to the fore. This new iOS update came with many new features, all detailed here in our columns. The most notable are: new Freeform application, end-to-end encryption for notes, messages and photos on iCloud, Stage Manager on iPad and HomeKit compatibility with the new Matter home automation standard.

And precisely regarding this last addition, not everything seems to work as Apple would like.

HomeKit derails under iOS 16.2

Many of you have mentioned it to us, the iOS 16.2 update is the cause of severe malfunctions in the HomeKit system. Some perfectly functional connected accessories under iOS 16.1 are become unusable under iO 16.2HomeKit control scenes also became unusable after update, among many others similar disturbances.

And if sometimes, during an iPhone software update, bugs affect a handful of users, in the case of iOS 16.2 and HomeKit, the problem seems widespread enough and, above all, serious enough for Apple to react without being asked. The Californian company has, on the one hand, a few days ago, rolled back the HomeKit architecture update from iOS 16.2. On the other hand, internally, as reported by Sami Fathi of MacRumors, the red warning would have been given: the HomeKit update would have joined list of major issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. And as the source points out, this is a procedure rarely used by the Cupertino company for software…

We hope to see everything back to normal as soon as possible regarding HomeKit.

Friends and fellow HomeKit users, what is currently on your site? What problems did the iOS 16.2 update bring? How’s your HomeKit setup working so far? – Official app

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