Anti-Covid vaccination: menstrual disorders taken seriously

Anti-Covid vaccination: menstrual disorders taken seriously
After vaccination, some women have reported a change in their menstrual cycle. © Adobe stock

About 11,000 women reported abnormalities in their menstrual cycle after receiving a dose of the vaccine. Is a link established? What does the National Medicines Agency say?

Where is my cycle?

The collective “Where is my cycle?” shed light on menstrual disorders after the Covid vaccine. More and more women are testifying on social networks. These testimonials are in addition to 11,000 reports recorded “officially” by pharmacovigilance centers in France.

What are the reported menstrual disorders?

Women report several disorders following their anti-Covid vaccination:

  • Of the bleeding too long or, on the contrary, absent for several months,
  • of the pains pelvic and abdominal,
  • reactivation of symptoms ofendometriosis.

What should I do if I am affected?

If you have also noticed problems with your menstrual cycle shortly after one of the doses of the Covid vaccine, declare them. Just go to the site for reporting adverse health events

What is the link between the vaccine and these disorders?

The European Medicines Agency has not established a causal link between RNA vaccines and menstrual disorders. However, these troubles are taken seriously by theMedicines Agency in France (ANSM). “We must continue to investigate to understand what is happening,” said Christelle Ratignier-Carbonneil. She is the Director General of the ANSM. 11,000 reports out of 58 million vaccinated remains a low proportion. “But when you are part of the concerned, it is important”, underlines the director of the ANSM.

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