Angoulême: traders, restaurants, sports halls, their lift to students

Hairdresser and aesthetics

Many hair salons offer a student formula in Angoulême. 20% discount…

Hairdresser and aesthetics

Many hair salons offer a student formula in Angoulême. 20% off blow drying and haircuts at First by Laurence, rue de Genève; €30 instead of €34 or €42 for a haircut with Zoé’s scissors, rue de Paris… At FC Coiffure, rue Hergé, they even offer a 20% discount. “We go from €38 or €42, depending on the length, to €31, explains the owner, Florence Carré. For men we go to €19 instead of €23. » And there is no age limit. “As long as they have a student card, we apply the reduction. »

L’Instant, the boulevard de Bretagne aesthetic center, has also chosen to apply a 15% reduction to all its services. “Although with the economic situation, students don’t necessarily have this luxury”blows the manager into the phone.

Sports halls

Another significant boost for students: several sports halls have chosen to offer reduced rates on their subscriptions. On the side of 36 muscles avenue, in Gond-Pontouvre, it is €20 per month (compared to €40 full price) and €240 per year (compared to €300 full price). “And even for apprentices, specify the room. We currently welcome between 40 and 50 students who benefit from it. » The weightlifting club Le Chaa, rue des Chais, welcomes about sixty. Its formula is the most advantageous: “€160 per year, with the weightlifting license, against €240 full price”, says the chairman of the association, Daniel Marot. For the more fortunate, the Palladium gym, rue de la Loire, has a formula for €45 per month (compared to €48 for the performance offer) which also opens up the relaxation area.

Bars and restaurants

For those who prefer to have fun, turn to the big fast food chains… And again. Burger King offers a student offer… But which, if we are to believe their website, does not seem to apply to the restaurants in Champniers and Saint-Michel. It is a little easier on the McDonald’s side, where the student discount is obtained on the application. Those who are disconnected can more simply go to Le Cappadoce kebab, rampe d’Aguesseau, where the student menu (sandwich and drink) costs €9 for lunch. Place Marengo, there is also Pohmaë with a pokébowl and a drink for €9.90 instead of €12.90. For night owls, some bars regularly organize student nights, such as Havana or Bam Café, which offered one on December last year in collaboration with SAXV and the nightclub Duplex.

As long as they have a student card, we apply the reduction.

Decoration shops

Be careful, as for bars, if some big brands offer student discounts, they are punctual. Most often they fall in the back-to-school period, such as Bouchara and Casa, rue Goscinny, which offered a 10% discount on the entire store in September and October. You have to wait a bit before you can furnish your studio apartment at a lower price.

Three state passports and Agglo

These financial aids do not depend on the traders, but come from the state or Agglo. “The culture pass, for example, is still underutilized, apologies to Anne Desthomas and Antoine Desautel, who are responsible for student life at Cij. And the students do not necessarily know that they benefit from €300 to be spent on several offers. » The GrandAngoulême Student Pass is off to a good start. “Nautilis is in this unit. Otherwise, they don’t have a course just for students. » One last thing: the Sport pass, which has just been opened to scholarship holders. “It has changed since covid. We realized that many young people were precarious. »

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