an overpriced Cybertruck-inspired inductive charger

For fans of the brand, Tesla offers an induction charging platform inspired by the Cybertruck.

Tesla is not just about electric cars. Like other manufacturers, the American brand has developed a whole range of more or less useful accessories to cultivate the Tesla cult. Latest object: a stationary induction charger for mobile phones.

This base is made of aluminum and is inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck. Hard to see any real filiation there with the amazing electric pick-up, the Wedge Design lines and almost b.ertonese are the only visible references. The Alcantara surface avoids scratches and evokes that found on the induction chargers in the brand’s cars.

Tesla is asking $300 for its induction charger

Tesla specifies that the platform has Qi technology, which also allows mobile devices to be placed without precise alignment so that they can be recharged. It can accommodate up to three devices simultaneously with an output of 15 W. A magnetic base means that it can be placed flat or tilted for better viewing.

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However, since this platform is only available in the US catalog, the Type A plug on the 65 W adapter corresponds to US standards. Which wouldn’t stop you from gifting yourself, as the charging pad comes with a USB-C cable. It is still acceptable to drop $300 for this device when the Belkin Boost Charge Pro offered by Apple appears at €170.

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