An iPad Pro 14 inch M2 in preparation at Apple?

Has the euphoria of the keynote subsided? Indeed, the rumors seem to have resumed today. After the M2 Pro chip scheduled for the end of the year, it is a question this afternoon, of a new iPad Pro 14 inch M2 in preparation at Apple!

Indeed, the leaker Majin Bu went there with his little tweet stating that Cupertino would develop a new 14.1-inch iPad M2 with 512GB and 16GB of base memory. The new M2 line is expected to include an 11-inch model with no major changes, a 12.9-inch model with downsized frames and a new one at 14.1-inches

According to its sources, this large tablet would complete the current range of iPad Pro and add to the existing sizes (we can already imagine the price of the beast). As a reminder, the leaker is generally quite well informed. Back in March, he forcefully revealed an upcoming iPadOS feature – known internally asApple Mixer. The latter was unveiled by Apple during WWDC 2022, with the official name Internship Manager.

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