an incredible rotating central screen for the electric SUV

Try Fisker Ocean: an incredible rotating central screen for the electric SUV?

Configure your Fisker Ocean vehicle: an incredible rotating center screen for the electric SUV or request a free trial.

The Fisker Ocean is revealed little by little, and we discover various features. The central screen of the electric SUV is impressive.

The race for the central display in modern cars opposes two distinct philosophies. On late-design Teslas, like the Model 3 and Model Y, the screen is in landscape mode.

Other models like the Ford Mustang Mach-E offer a vertical display, in portrait mode. Fisker reveals the interior of its electric SUV Ocean, and reveals not to have made this choice.

Indeed, it is a rotating screen called Revolve which will be integrated into the central console of the Fisker Ocean. The two modes will correspond to different uses of the touchpad.

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Thus, when the SUV is rolling, the 17.1-inch screen will position itself vertically to offer various controls and information about the vehicle. When stationary, however, it will move horizontally to access Hollywood Mode.

You will obviously need to acquire a high-end Fisker Ocean to benefit from this feature. The two entry-level finishes, Sport and Ultra, will not offer it. On the other hand, the Revolve screen will be present on the One and Extreme versions.

It is copies of these versions that should leave the Fisker factories first, at the end of 2022. All production should start next year.

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