An Apple museum opens in Warsaw

A new museum, located in a former metallurgy factory in Warsaw, brings together 1,600 Apple-related coins. The result of years of painstaking effort by a determined Polish collector.

It is the largest and most comprehensive Apple collection in the world” boasts Jacek Lupina, a 56-year-old architect, who has amassed a collection spanning the entire history of the American technology giant over the years.

The museum occupies a former early 19th-century red-brick factory, Fabryka Norblina, in central Warsaw, which has since been converted into a retail and entertainment space.

Inside, there is a replica of the Apple 1, the first computer sold by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. But also old computers from the apple brand and from NeXt. The goal being, according to its owner, that “visitors can see what the beginning was like – how primitive and very simple everything was. The Apple 1 case was made of wood! Nothing like what we have today.

According to its owner, different pieces of the collection will be exhibited in turn. The 350 m2 of exhibition will therefore see various products appear over the months, so that “each visit is unique.”

For more info, or to buy your tickets; head to the museum’s official website.

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