An ancient disease resurfaces in the world

An ancient disease resurfaces in the world
Polio causes disabling paralysis. © Adobe stock

This disease was believed to be eradicated. For the first time in ten years, it resurfaced in several countries including the United States. No treatment exists, only vaccination is beneficial.

A serious case of poliomyelitis in New York

The health department of New York said a man was infected with the polio. This is the first time in more than 10 years that this virus has resurfaced. The transmission of the virus is complex, via a person who has trip abroad, asymptomatic which has infected unvaccinated people.

Polio virus circulating in the United States

The New York Times confirms that the patient unvaccinated man. The patient suffers from “weakness and paralysis“. Having not recently traveled outside the United States, health authorities confirm that the virus circulates in the country among the unvaccinated population.

From Pakistan to Africa

The newspaper The world reports polio cases in northwest Pakistan. The population is poorly vaccinated against polio due to lack of access to the healthcare system. A virus that circulates rapidly : two children Malawi and at mozambique were paralyzed by a strain of the virus from Pakistan. “In either case, these viruses would have travel hidden in the intestines of an asymptomatic person, ”says Le Monde.

Why the polio virus is dangerous

The polio virus is dangerous because it is mostly silent. Indeed, the virus does not cause paralysis only once in 100 on average. Only vaccination protects populations sinceno treatment exists.

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