All. : Dortmund finished 2nd, Leverkusen 3rd

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We now know the final podium of the Bundesliga. While Bayern Munich has already won the title, Borussia Dortmund is guaranteed to finish 2nd after its success on the lawn of Greuther Furth (1-3), this Saturday, during the 33rd day. Brandt (26th, 72nd) and Passlack (77th), against an achievement by Ngankam (70th), allowed the Ruhr club to win to finish runner-up to their Bavarian counterpart.

At the same time, Leverkusen overthrew Hoffenheim (2-4). Led twice on goals from Rutter (22nd) and Baumgartner (36th), Bayer turned the situation around thanks to Schick (34th, 76th), Diaby (73rd) and Alario (90th + 1). The B04, 3rd, can no longer catch up with Dortmund and can no longer be joined by Freiburg and Leipzig.

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