Algerian cuisine is ahead of all Arab countries

Cuisine – Algerian cuisine is in the top 50 of the world ranking compiled by Taste Atlas and is ahead of all Arab countries. We will reveal all the details on this subject in the rest of this article on Saturday, June 4, 2022.

In recent years, a multitude of Algerian dishes have enjoyed endless success internationally. In terms of flavors, spices and seasoning, Algerian cuisine is full of mouth-watering tastes. It is logical that the Algerian food culture leaves no one indifferent. This has earned Algerian cuisine an honorable place in the world ranking of Taste Atlas.

Indeed, DZ gastronomy presents a range of recipes with a different scent and flavor. This then comes from a mixed heritage that offers a culinary richness specific to our nation.

Traditional or modern, the Algerian community joins on the same opinion to say that the Algerian cuisine is full of succulent tastes. Between Couscous, Rechta, Chakchouka, Karantika, Chorba and Mhadjeb, Algeria has not finished delighting the taste buds.

Even if there are different ways to prepare these typical Algerian dishes, all versions are validated by the Algerian population and foreigners who have the chance to taste them. In addition, the Algerian territory includes a large number of recipes that bring together all the followers of good flavors.

Taste Atlas honors Algerian gastronomy

From now on, the reputation of Algerian dishes is not limited only to Algerian territory. This one also conquered the foreigners by the richness which it offers. As a result, the Taste Atlas platform has granted an honorary position to Algerian cuisine. Something to make the Algerians proud who see their culture at the top of the strata in the ranking of world gastronomy.

Founded in 2015 by a Croatian entrepreneur, Taste Atlas issues an annual ranking of the best traditional cuisines. Thus, in its 2022 version, the said platform ranked Algerian gastronomy among the fifty (50) best cuisines in competition. Thus, our country currently occupies the twenty-sixth (26th) place.

As for the Arab scale, Algerian gastronomy occupies the first position. To this end, Algeria has outstripped Moroccan culinary art. In addition to those Tunisian, Egyptian, Syrian and Lebanese. Moreover, at the continental level, our country has honorably risen to second place, after South Africa.

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