Agen: chef Eric Mariottat turns the stove back on

A few months after hanging up his apron, chef Eric Mariottat is back in business. A bit to everyone’s surprise. Accompanied by his wife Christiane, he will reopen a table d’hôtes from mid-June.

A little over six months after hanging up the apron, Eric Marriotat, accompanied by his wife Christiane, is preparing to sign his big comeback in gastronomy. In the end, he never left her. Like a love that embraces you from a young age.

After closing their restaurant at the end of October, the Mariottat couple took the opportunity to have a little good time “in particular by enjoying the family”. Chef Mariottat has taken an additional stripe. But, it is difficult not to find the stoves. The very ones who have monopolized you for almost half a century “including 35 years of installation and 17 years with the reward of a Michelin star”.

Today, at the dawn of a radiant new summer, chef Mariottat has decided to bounce back. “Do something different,” he says. With his wife Christiane, chef Eric Mariottat embarks on a new adventure, that of opening a private table “a table d’hôtes”.

From 8 to 12 guests

From mid-June, the couple will offer a private table “between 8 and 12 guests”. “We will operate only on reservations and we will offer a unique menu that we will develop together with the customer”, he specifies. A reopening that is aimed at “everyone” on the sole condition of booking.

On site, the dining room will be privatized and the house will offer you a “tailor-made” menu. “We want to offer what we know how to do and all with a lot of friendliness”, slides, gently, Christiane. A format that will also allow “more sharing”. The starred chef Mariottat does not refrain from working on themes such as “all vegetal, all fish or with very Japanese inspirations”. But, with a leitmotif, that of cooking seasonal products.

The pleasure will be at the rendezvous of the reopening of this table where the couple will operate. “Christiane will be at the service and I will be in the kitchen. I will come to lend her a hand as soon as it is necessary”, underlines the chef.

The opportunity for lovers of this haven of peace nestled in the heart of Agen to taste this authentic and daring cuisine. This cuisine that transports you in just a few strokes of the fork to the planet of ecstasy.

The purpose of transmission

The mariottat couple announced the reopening of their table on the occasion of the visit to Agen of Gérard Gomez, the president of the chamber of trades and crafts of New Aquitaine and Jean-François Blanchet, president of the chamber of jobs in Lot-et-Garonne.

“It’s not because we work with our hands that we don’t have a brain”, slips Eric Mariottat, also a fervent defender of training and the transmission of know-how. In the kitchen, there are “only open secrets”. It is the purpose of an artisan to “transmit”. A mission to which Eric Mariottat has attached himself throughout his career. Here again, Eric Mariottat may not have said his last word.

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