After mustard and sunflower oil, this famous sauce will also experience a shortage

Hot shot for lovers of spicy dishes. The famous Sriracha sauce, from the company Huy Fong Foods, recognizable by its bright green cap, may soon disappear from the shelves and tables of Asian restaurants. The brand has indeed announced that it is pausing the production of its famous chilli condiment. This very quickly caused a wave of panic in the United States, where it is very popular, some not hesitating to stock up for several months.

A shortage of Sriracha sauce due to bad weather

At the origin of this shortage of Sriracha sauce? A major drought that affected the pepper crops in California, New Mexico and Mexico. ” At present, due to the weather conditions affecting the quality of chillies, we are facing a serious shortage. Unfortunately this is beyond our control and without this essential ingredient we cannot manufacture any of our products. “said Huy Fong Foods in a press release. In addition to Sriracha, chili garlic and sambal oelek sauces are also affected by this hiatus.
For now, all orders placed with the manufacturer are suspended and can only be sent after American Labor Day, September 6, as explained by the brand.

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Huy Fong Foods: a cult logo

Founded in Los Angeles by David Tran, a former Chinese-Vietnamese boat-people who fled Vietnam in the late 1970s, Huy Fong Foods is now one of the giants of hot sauces. Its most famous product remains Sriracha sauce, made with chilli, sugar, garlic and vinegar. The company’s logo, a rooster, has even become a pop culture symbol displayed on t-shirts and mugs.

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