Affected by monkey pox, a victim displays his totally disfigured face, it’s a shock!

After a terrible health crisis around the world because of Covid-19, it is another virus that worries the health authorities. It’s monkey pox. The bacteria is spreading more and more.

Monkey pox hits the world

In 1970, scientists discovered a new disease “smallpox of the sign”, in the Republic of the Congo. If this virus is mainly in Africa, an epidemic took place in the United States in 2003.

Subsequently, several countries faced monkeypox. Recently, new homes have sprung up all over the world. After Covid-19, it is this virus that worries the health authorities.

Declared in 77 countries, the disease is spreading very quickly. The focus is also in Europe. For now, this epidemic affects the communities of homosexual or bisexual men. They are the main affected by this virus.

For his part, an American gay porn star wanted to alert his community. Indeed, this Sunday, July 24, he shared a terrifying photo on his Twitter account. Silver Steele posted his face completely disfigured.

With bug eyes and lesions on his face, the young man showed the terrible symptoms caused by monkeypox. Subsequently, he wished to warn his fans against this disease.

“The lesions on my face are brutal”

The victim started: “Update: I thought my case of monkeypox was mild. I am now at two weeks. And the lesions on my face are brutal”.

Silver Steele also added: “Furthermore, monkey pox weakens your immune system. And in my case, I also have strep throat for the first time as a bonus”.

Before continuing: “I now have additional lesions appearing randomly on my body, albeit smaller, which will (hopefully) stay small as my antibody count increases”.

Silver Steele said: “The pain I felt keeps my eyes full of tears and my light dim. I do not wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

Very affected, he confided: “To anyone planning events like market days or whatever. If you can go somewhere and get vaccinated, DO IT. It is really worth it”.

The Minister of Health wants to be reassuring

For his part, the Minister of Health François Braun, made a point of speaking about the monkeypox epidemic. This Wednesday, July 27, he gave some details to FranceInfo.

He asserted: ” Really do not panic, we reacted extremely quickly. France was one of the first countries to recommend and authorize preventive vaccination. So we weren’t late at all.”.

Before adding on monkeypox vaccine: “There is a problem getting vaccination slots right away. We are increasing capacities. He needed arms to vaccinate.

François Braun therefore explained: “That’s why I signed an order yesterday. The latter allows health students, for example, to be able to vaccinate ”.

Before ensuring that there was a ” very large stock » vaccines against monkeypox. On the other hand, he cannot give the figures. And for good reason “smallpox is recognized as a biological weapon.

He concluded : “We know that it could be used in terms of conflict”.

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