A Tesla owner says he was trapped in his Model Y. The vehicle advised him to park and the system shut down, preventing him from opening the door the conventional way

One Tesla owner said his car asked him to stop before it suddenly stopped and pinned him. Tom Exton, a British YouTuber who collects cars, was driving to London on Thursday night when his Model Y, which he had owned for only 5 days, told him to stop because he was dying, he said.

He did, and within minutes all power to the car was gone,” Exton said, adding that he felt trapped because Tesla doors need electricity to open and close. I couldn’t open the door by conventional means, he said, so I had to use the manually operated emergency lock on the door.

Exton said he only drove for 15 minutes and the car showed a nearly full charge.

According to Tesla’s emergency response guide for the Model Y, opening the front doors without power involves lifting the mechanical release handle located near the window switches. Exton followed those instructions, which somehow shattered the driver’s side window, he said.

It must be said that this is not the first signal case. In other cases, Tesla’s unusual gate has trapped drivers in even more dire circumstances. In one case, an owner in Canada claimed he was forced to kick out the window of his vehicle to escape a Model Y that had caught fire.

The driver, identified as Jamil Jutha, was fortunately able to escape unharmed. The flames rose as firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze. In a video uploaded by the Sons of Vancouver distillery, located on the same block as the incident, Jutha can be heard describing his ordeal: I literally pulled over, put my left turn signal on, and suddenly he said “Error*! Error*!” Shit*! Jutha said. I couldn’t even open it, everything is electric so everything stopped. The door couldn’t open, I couldn’t roll down the window, so I just said ‘Okay, I’ll kick it down’.

Exton’s case is less dramatic. Out of the vehicle and unable to do much else, Exton requested a tow, which left him stranded on the side of the road in freezing temperatures for six hours. On Twitter, he explained that he was just glad his partner and his dogs weren’t with him when it happened. The YouTuber expressed his frustration in a tweet, saying he had to wait over two hours for roadside assistance to arrive. It took about six hours to recover the vehicle, he added.

There’s a reason they’ve thrown so many people out with cheap leases. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a Polestar. Or something other than a Tesla,” he wrote on the same Twitter thread.

Exton said Tesla customer service was very helpful and offered to pay for a hotel for the night.

He said he was hoping to get a courtesy car while his vehicle was being repaired, but he hadn’t heard from the company yet.

After the report of this incident, the net surfers did not go there with a dead hand. Some remained serious, recalling, for example, the existence of the manual emergency lock (although he mentioned having used it), that they preferred to avoid driving a vehicle likely to trap motorists, or that they reported having experienced a similar situation. to what happened to my new performance Y 2022 model when they transferred ownership for delivery. They pulled up on the street, I signed the papers, the car restarted, I went to park it in the driveway and the car panicked and shut off after driving for about 60 seconds. Luckily I got out, but the car was completely dead. they had to tow it out of my driveway. Excellent first experience and it only got worse.

Others added a dose of humor. Like this user who says the driver probably didn’t subscribe to Twitter Blue… , this other who notes that he probably criticized Elon Musk on Twitter , or the one who says your tweet slandering Elon Musk is been deleted. like you .

Source: Tom Exton

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