A new vehicle developed by Google to support farmers

The Alphabet Group wishes to be at the center of developments by relying on an ecosystem of products and services that makes it possible to reach the maximum number of users.

The Internet giant was then able to create a surprise on its stand at Vivatech by presenting an autonomous and electric vehicle to support farmers in the exploitation of their land.

What is Google doing in the fields?

The objective is to bring data and computing power to farms. This brand new tool answers questions as essential for a farmer as:

  • Am I using the right fertilizer?
  • Is it the right time?
  • Is this the right place to mine?

Think Google wants to teach farmers how to farm their land?

This is not the impression we had but it is an extremely ambitious programme. It is undeniable that the DATA obtained by Google must make it possible to make the best use of the land and that the farmer will always be necessary to pilot the machine.

However, it must be admitted that the challenge is difficult for Google since it is not a question of convincing marketing teams but farmers. There are certainly farms that are extremely digitized, but this is a lower share.

What is the horsepower of the vehicle?

The torque of the mineral rover motors is 280 Nm (206.6 ft-Ibf) each. That’s about 2/3 the torque of the Tesla Model 3!

The Mineral team had to make some tweaks and upgrades to the initial version of the engine because the torque was so high the bolts couldn’t be fastened.

Who developed Mineral?

This program is supported by the X division. Which is in charge of developing, thanks to 10% of the time of certain Googlers, products that transform our lives.

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