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The summer season is off to a good start with Confluence! From June 15 to 18, a 100% food event is taking place in the heart of the shopping centre. For 4 days, we create, we have fun, we campaign, we get involved… In short, we get out of the plate and we treat food like art. In a space of more than 100 m2, it is a multi-corner universe, with ultra colorful aesthetics, which is taking shape before our eyes. In the program ? Cooking classes, painting workshops, culinary photography and many other surprises.

We rethink our way of cooking

Food, yes, but without wasting please. Recup & Bowls, a committed Lyon association that fights against food waste, invites us to develop zero waste and super gourmet recipes. The idea? Make something beautiful out of ugly. We don’t leave a single spotted apple or banged up leek on the side. Another initiative to integrate into our cuisine: 100% vegetable. For the occasion, The Foodist is preparing a spring roll workshop for us. We learn to apprehend vegetable cuisine in a playful way and we create pretty dishes. All served with a mango sauce to taste our little creations at the end of the workshop. We are rethinking our whole way of cooking.

When food becomes a work of art

What if we imagined food as a means of expression and creation? It is the bias of Mary BRBN and his individual edible creations. With it, we can use different utensils and colorful foods to create real edible works. We taste everything at the end, of course. We then learn about food photography, because without it, who would make us drool over our smartphones? With food and its smoothie workshop, we learn how to enhance a dish. On site, we will have real professional equipment with dishes, fabrics and photo backgrounds. A superb recipe to reproduce at home as a bonus. Then make way for the sensational with Angelica pastry (to 700 thousand subscribers on TikTok). Its strong point? The trompe l’oeil. Before our eyes, she puts on a food illusion show, with tastings and discussions.

Make way for the art of the table

Eating at a nice looking table is always better. We are therefore introduced to the art of the table with decoration workshops. For the occasion, Manitas will offer us painting and ceramics workshops so that we can pimp our dining table. Whether you come with your own tableware to redecorate or buy white tableware locally, our creative spirit will be put to the test. The little extra? The amount of the purchase is donated to a food association. Sabrina Wine Art, she will offer us a unique experience: a painting workshop with wine. A playful, original animation and the creation of a lasting memory. Under the seasoned advice of Sabrina, we take red, white, rosé, and we create works of art.

Food lovers
Confluence shopping and leisure center
112 Cours Charlemagne — 2nd
From June 15 to 18, 2022
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