A new Chromecast with Google TV in the pipeline

Clues suggest that Google is preparing to unveil a new Chromecast with Google TV. Limited to Full HD, this multimedia box would undoubtedly replace the historic Chromecast to offer a more complete experience.

Marketed in France since 2014, Google’s Chromecast has quickly established itself as a simple and elegant solution for streaming videos and music on your TV. During these eight years, Google has regularly improved the recipe for its accessory until it offered the Chromecast 4K in 2020. This box goes beyond the simple multimedia streaming gateway and has an OS and a complete interface called Google TV. Sold around 60 €, the accessory could well see the birth of a little brother very soon.

The registration of a new Google product with the FCC, the telecommunications regulatory authority in the United States, suggests a new device that is cheaper and limited to Full HD. Spotted by the site Droid-Lifethis gadget nicknamed G454V – which currently only exists through a technical sheet with few details – would connect directly to the TV, would be accompanied by a remote control and intended to broadcast content in 1920 x 1080 pixels, i.e. exactly what we expect from a new Chromecast.

The end of the “historic” Chromecast?

Another document sent by Google to the FCC tells us that the accessory has been tested for broadcasting videos in 1080p and 60 Hz. To leave no doubt about its nature, it is also noted that it would come with a cable Dedicated USB for power. Rumors of a new entry-level Chromecast with Google TV have been circulating since early 2022.

If Google’s intention is really to offer a new device with Google TV, but with a downgraded technical data sheet and a moderate label, it is possible that it will replace the Chromecast 3. The latter is sold at around €39, which is very likely the price the new Chromecast would adopt (the 4K model is sold at €69). The Chromecast 3 and the newer model would otherwise risk stepping on each other when it comes to features and price.

This would also mean that Google is abandoning the simplicity of the “historic” Chromecast (which was only able to broadcast videos launched from a smartphone) to only offer multimedia boxes equipped with an interface, apps and menus of all kinds. .

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