A new actor for the installation of solar panels in Montpellier

At Tesla Mag, we want to support you as best as possible in choosing your equipment in order to switch to clean energy in the best conditions.

We have worked on the selection of installers in all the cities of France, here is the reference for solar panel installers in Montpellier.

Our selection criteria:

-Certified Installers

– Good experience in electricity

-Technical knowledge as well as an ability to advise

In this article, we allow you to better understand the role of this installer for the city of Montpellier. We had the opportunity to discuss with a company that has been present in the region for 90 years: the company Allez et Cie, a locally committed actor to help you. The company exists since 1932.

Interview with photovoltaic business manager Noé Melhem at Allez et Cie


The company installs photovoltaic solar kits as well as charging stations in the department of Hérault as well as in the Gard as well as in the Pyrénées Orientales, in addition to the installation of solar panels it also offers earthmoving services such as landscaping and buildings.

The installation of your solar panels at Allez et Cie:

“A sales representative will study the customer’s request, then the company intervenes directly with the customer for a free study to check the feasibility of the project. Then, when the company has undertaken the administrative procedures as well as the authorization of the town hall, they set up your solar panels whether for individuals, professionals or even companies.”


The importance of installing solar panels:

By installing solar panels you drastically reduce your electricity bill, you can then become self-sufficient in terms of energy and this allows you to reduce your electricity bills. For professionals as well as for individuals, it is a considerable advantage that makes your business or your home greener and in harmony with ecology. For a business this will allow you to increase your income.

To check before your installation of solar panels:

Beforehand, so that your installation of solar panels is optimal, Allez et Cie advises you to check that your roof surface is sufficient for the installation as well as the frame. It is also essential to have a well exposed roof between east and south west in the sun, so avoid northern exposure. Then you must also check the inclination of your roof: minimum 20 degrees to 30 degrees to be sure that your project will be feasible.

Powers offered:

Allez et Cie offers solar panels with 4 powers: 3kWp, 4.5kWp, 6kWp and 9kWp. Check that you have at least 15m2 available meeting the above criteria on your roof to be able to install the different panels of your choice.

How much can installing solar panels cost in Montpellier?

The rates :

Those that are most installed are 3kWp panels: between 8500 and 10000€ from a private individual, then you have the 9kWp which comes back to you at 19000€

For professionals: the price will be between 1 to 1.5 euros per toilet.

Cost details:

However, even if these costs seem significant, they allow you to reduce your electricity bills and for the installation of solar panels, regional aid is available depending on the municipality which can encourage your desire to use solar energy. To find out about the aid available to you, consult your town hall.


Thanks to the installation of solar panels, the recharging of your vehicle can be ensured and you can thus actively participate in the use of renewable energies.

To conclude, Allez et Cie is above all:

“Ensure that your project is followed up properly, that you have all the necessary elements for your experience to be positive and that your installation level is serious and known in the network. Noé Melhem specifies: our company currently has a network of 40 locations. For more than 90 years, our 1,200 employees have supported you in your projects thanks to our expertise in design, maintenance and operation. Established as close as possible to our customers, Allez et Cie offers you total expertise in your energy consumption and an improvement in your living environment.

Do not hesitate any longer for your installation of solar panels in Montpellier and its surroundings, fill out this form and be in good hands thanks to our installers approved and certified by Tesla Mag!

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