a mysterious hardware problem renders the camera unusable

Until then spared from the many problems encountered by its predecessor, the Google Pixel 7 appears to have its first serious hardware problem. In fact, users complain about the shattering of the glass pane that protects the camera block.

Google Pixel 6 has been talked about a lot for their problems with wireless charging and the front camera. Since their launch three months ago, the Pixel 7 seems to have fewer issues. At least until today. In fact, some Pixel 7 are affected by a strange issue related to the glass layer that is on the camera modules.

A broken window problem

Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are known for their camera quality. Unfortunately, some users encounter a common problem that compromises the use of the camera block: the glass that covers it breaks spontaneously. This happens without the phone suffering any particular damage. One might have thought of improper handling of the device if the phenomenon did not affect so many people.

In fact, Twitter user @CSTrowaway shared a picture of his phone and claimed that Google didn’t want to support it. Another user responded to the tweet by sharing a similar photo, saying that this repair would cost around $400. Google responded in the same conversation and told him to contact the company’s support.

We find a support page that describes the problem with the rear camera. This conversation was created on December 9, 2022 and already has 60 posts, including other users sharing photos of their Pixel 7 with the rear camera glass broken. The issue has also been mentioned on Reddit, where some users say they have managed to get their smartphone replaced by Google. It is also possible to find images of the Pixel 7 in question on the hashtag #pixel7brokencamera.

Some users affected by the problem claim they did nothing special, others say they put their phone in their pocket and assume it took a bad shock. Still others assume that the glass may crack after a sudden change in temperature.

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So many hypotheses that at the moment we have to greet with caution, since Google has not given an official answer to this problem, which seems to affect only the Pixel 7, the “Pro” versions seem to be spared the moment.

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