a fifth patient in the world considered cured, a real step forward?

Considered cured, the patientCity of Hopehas lived over thirty years with HIV. solomonus_/stock.adobe.com

After living more than thirty years with HIV, the patient “City of Hope” entered the stage of remission. However, “the ideal cure would be to eradicate the virus from the body”, and the research is not there yet.

The patient “City of Hopeis the fifth in the world to be considered cured of HIV. The 66-year-old man contracted the virus during the outbreak in 1988, making him the oldest to enter remission. “I never imagined I would live long enough to be HIV free“, he confides in the press release from the Californian hospital where he was treated. His remission was announced at the 24th International AIDS Conference in Montreal on July 27.

Like his other four predecessors, the patient was suffering from a dangerous terminal cancer. He received a rare bone marrow transplant for his leukemia: the donor had a genetic mutation called CCR5, making the immune system resistant to the main components of HIV. Two years after his transplant in 2019, the man stops taking his medication and the virus becomes undetectable in his body. Nevertheless, “we are not talking exactly about healing…

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