A couple takes over the snack bar at Aubusson-d’Auvergne lake (Puy-de-Dôme), before reopening the village restaurant

Simple, local, tasty and full of good humour: this is the motto of Damien Gatignol and Caroline Bernier, new operators of the Lac d’Aubusson-d’Auvergne snack bar since April 16.

This year, the couple offers walkers drinks, sandwiches, Italian ice cream, fries, hot dogs, pancakes, waffles or even burgers, made from local products. The beer is, for example, Auvergne, the meat from local sources and the cheese comes from Olliergues.

From a restaurant in Veyre-Monton to Lake Aubusson

Owner of the restaurant Les Voûtes Saint-Verny in Veyre-Monton for six years, Damien Gatignol has decided to sell his business to return to settle with his partner in Aubusson-d’Auvergne, on the territory of his childhood.

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“My family is based here, my mother ran the bar-restaurant Le Cherlen in Augerolles, my sister makes delicious cheeses at the Gaec de La Bergeronnette in Olliergues. I have so many memories of my childhood at the edge of this lake…”

damien gatignol (Manager of La Cabane)

Damien has therefore been immersed in the world of catering since a very young age, thanks to the family business. Caroline, originally from Normandy, chose the hotel and catering industry after a career that did not satisfy her in the social field. “I’ve always worked in the catering industry a little, it was my summer job, then it became my job in its own right,” explains the young entrepreneur.

But the big project that is the basis of this change of location is actually a life project: Damien and Caroline will, in addition to the snack bar on the lake, take over the former restaurant Au Bon Coin in the village of Aubusson- from Auvergne (read below).

The Blue Flag floats on Lake Aubusson-d’Auvergne (Puy-de-Dôme): “It’s always a plus and it reassures”

Also open weekdays

This season, with the management of the snack bar granted to them by the community of Thiers Dore and Montagne municipalities, the young restaurateurs will offer visitors a friendly place and simple cuisine in order to meet customers and the various players in the area.

The new managers want the snack bar to be wide open, with a large opening hours, to bring regularity to the place. “We are also open during the week, and do not want to confine ourselves to July-August, there are so many people on weekends in April and May. The place is magnificent, it would be a shame not to be open daily. »

The opening of the Au Bon Coin restaurant is scheduled for April 2023

On sale for several years, the hotel-restaurant in the town center of Aubusson-d’Auvergne, which was once a veritable institution in the area, has finally found a buyer.

“I have been considering taking over this establishment for a long time, it’s a real childhood dream come true, I know the former owner and I think she is happy to sell to a local child she saw grow,” shares Damien Gatignol.

With the recovery of the snack (see above), the couple formed by Damien Gatignol and Caroline Bernier want to make themselves known locally before the opening of the restaurant. This will also allow them to gather the opinion of the local population on their desires and expectations. After the summer season, they will begin fitting out work, and bringing the entire building up to standard for a desired opening in April 2023.

“They came at the right time”

The town of Aubusson has had no local shops for years and this does not encourage the revitalization of the old centre. “The coincidence of the calendar made the renovation of the town and the project to take over the restaurant Au Bon Coin coincide. This couple arrived at the right time, specifies Bernard Lorton, mayor of Aubusson-d’Auvergne. They are professionals with experience, that is what is important. »

The village is therefore experiencing a new dynamic that enriches the offer already present. “There are new inhabitants in the town, the empty houses are bought and restored. All the lights are green for the town to restart, ”concludes the elected official.

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